Meeting gate-crashed and indiscriminate beating for being a Christian


Pastor Sagmesh Kadhatali, his wife Sujatha and 10-year- old son congregated along with 35 other believers, on the 1 st floor of Pastor’s residence, at Nekar Nagar, Hubli, state of Karnataka. This had been their practice for the last 4 years.

On the 04 th of June, the meeting started as usual at 10:30 am. During the course of Worship, a mob of around 30 fanatics came and started beating all the believers indiscriminately. No women or children were spared. The religious fundamentalists forced the Pastor to stop the meeting. They then escorted him to the Police Station where he was forced to write down by the Police that he would not conduct meetings again at his home.

With no fear of the law or punishment, the fanatics who covered the entire proceedings on Video Camera, have strangely posted pictures and video recording of this harassment on Facebook. Though badly shaken, bruised and bloodied, this incident has in no way diminished their faith and zeal to stand for Jesus Christ.

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