Manipuri villagers being forced out of their land:



A close-knit community of 31 Church members worship together at Chinikon village, Senapati District, P/O Bishnupur, Manipur State. Religious fundamentalists want them to leave the village as they are very concerned about the growing number of Christians. What started as harassment has now increased to full scale attacks.

They are now going after the family’s livelihood, cutting down their trees, killing their livestock and preventing them from cultivating paddy or vegetable plants. These families are severely inconvenienced. This put the family in a severe crisis situation.

A case has been filed against these Christians at the Senapati Court as all dialogue and persuasion has failed. The hearing is scheduled for 21 Jun wed. 2017. Every month, Rs. 7000/- is being spent from their personal funds to hire 2 advocates to defend the people and the land. Church pray and fast for God to intervene and bring about a change of heart for the Persecutors and give boldness to His people to proclaim the good news amidst the persecution.

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