13th June



Recent attacks against Christians in India have led to a sense of insecurity within the community which finds it hard to report such incidents for fear of backlash. Pastor Stephen Selva Raj has been shepherding a small group of 50 believers for the last 8 years, at Jesus Saves Prayer House, in the village of Papanasam, in Thanjavur District, in Tamil Nadu.

Pastor is married to Sis Esther and has 2 children Misa & Ashwelt In the stillness of the morning, at 3.30 am, on Saturday, 27 th May, the Church was set aflame. The fire destroyed the entire Prayer Hall and all the items in the Church (Church, PA system, Mattress, Furniture and vessels), which is estimated to be around Rs. 3 Lakhs was entirely lost. Pastor and the believers suspect the Church was a target of arson. Until the time this article was going to press, no arrests have been made in spite of an FIR being raised.

Police said they were investigating. Church, pray that every Indian should have the right to practice and promote their religion peacefully. 

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