"Armed men illegally possess Church building and items worth 1000’s stolen"

Burglary, arson, robbery, vandalism—these are not topics that you associate with Church. Times have changed and it appears that churches with their own buildings and properties must think daily about these issues, and what they are doing to protect their people and their assets..

Pastor L M Samhotra has been ministering at Tarn Taran District in the Majha region of Punjab. ‘National Fellowship Church’. Since 2008, worship services are being conducted in a modest building constructed on his personal land. 100-odd believers gather at this Church.

The pastor and members of this Church are still reeling from shock after vandals robbed and vandalized the church Tuesday, 16 th May around 10 am. The break-in was discovered by passers- by and the Pastor alerted. The Church’s padlock was broken, illegal entry made and several items from the Church burgled. Several thousands of rupees worth of Church furniture, music equipment, Dhurries, Electric Fans, utensils, cutlery & crockery, cash in the collection box were stolen. The vandals also broke the Church altar, tore up Christian literature and Bibles, damaged a crucifix, desecrating the sacredness of the Church. Congregation members are shocked.


The burglars, armed with swords, guns etc., moved all the Church items into a waiting truck. Strangely, a truck load of bricks and mortar were unloaded inside the Church premises. It is believed that they had intended to break and rebuild certain parts of the Church and possess the property illegally.

The intruders gave the slip just as the police reached the spot, taking all the Church material and leaving behind the truck load of bricks. It was extremely upsetting for the Pastor and the members of the Church that something like this could happen. The damages and loss of the Church is estimated to be over Rs. 1,00,000/-.

At the time this news was going to the Press, no arrests have been made so far. No local politicians or Civil Leaders were willing to offer any support.

If you are reading this article and inspired by the Holy Spirit to support this Church by replacing items that have been stolen / destroyed, please contact us at votc@percutionrelief.org.