"Pastor's House & Worship place Burned, because of his faith in Jesus Christ "

India is experiencing an escalation of attacks and acts of violence against Christian Churches and on its Christian minority

If the fire that gutted ‘Daiva Sabha’ meaning ‘Church of God’, (translating from Tamil), located at Attipatu village, in Chidambaram, Cuddalore District, in Tamil Nadu, had been a test of faith, then Pr. John Muller says that he has come out stronger than ever.


Pr. John recollects that he had unknown visitors, the same week, who threatened him to stop worshipping and promoting Christianity failing which his Church would be burned down. Although disturbed by the intimidation, Pr. John did not report the matter to the police.

On the 3rd of May, Pr. had set out to Chidambaram, to get pamphlets printed for the upcoming VBS. His wife had also gone out to minister. When they both returned in the evening, what greeted them was to find their simple home and small church, made of brick, bamboo, and coconut leaves, burned down to ashes by arsonists. Owing to the prior threats, it is assumed that their home and house of Worship was by Religious fundamentalist destroyed this house of worship that had been the centerpiece and served the local community for the last 4 years.

Gone are the Church’s music equipment (amplifier, sound system, drums etc.), instruments, the Bibles, Christian literature and the home that was adjacent to the Church – all engulfed and consumed in flames. The loss is great but even through this tragic incident, all that remains are their unshakable faith in Jesus Christ and memories.

These attacks are done with the motivation to inject fear and strike terror among the community, to discourage corporate worship.


Standing amidst the smoldering remains, both husband and wife, dressed in the only clothes that escaped the fire, Pr. said, Thankfully, no one was injured and my pregnant wife is safe. As believers, we believe that all things happen for a reason and something good will come out of this”. It is indeed amazing to hear these words of hope from Pr. John, whose wife has only recently conceived after 7 years of marriage. As they wait for the birth of this ‘miracle of life’, their faith in Jehovah God is steadfast and unmoved.

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