Intent is prior to content

Intent is prior to content

According to the press report of New York Times, Mr. Dale Cox the acting district attorney has lately become one of the country’s bluntest spokesmen for the death penalty what he said to “The Shreveport Times” in March: that capital punishment is primarily and rightly about revenge and that the state needs to “kill more people.” Yes, he really meant it.

When the legal experts have this attitude towards executing punishment, we may fear that the number on the death roll will be forever on the rise. When all other systems of justice (Political and Philosophical) fail Legal system of justice is the one that people find as the last resort, like a city of refuge. What shall the common populace do when the legal system fail? Here a law expert has expressed his intent prior to the content of his judgment.

Bible says the soul that sins it shall die. Sin must never go unpunished. That is the righteous demand of the Divine Law. Yet the same time God being the God of Grace and Love, wants to acquit sinners from the punishment of eternal death. In Divine economy of the law, the penalty of sin is for correction and not for destruction.

The sacrificial atonement of Jesus demonstrates this: that God provided a way for dealing with the failure of man who is the creation of God. And now Christ’s death on the cross demonstrates God’s righteousness that sin must be punished and all sinners who accept Christ’s death as a substitutionary sacrifice will have a chance to life. Christ’s death demonstrates God’s righteousness precisely by being a sacrifice, by doing with effective finality what the legal system demands. Once again, then, the very important emphasis comes through that God’s saving action for and to faith is not a departure from the enforcement of the law but fulfilling it. The soul that sinneth it shall die, God has said it. But His intent is to warn sinners of the eternal death. Take heed that lest at any time you should let the warning slip.


Dr T.S.Abraham


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