Mr. Obama announced today that the policy on ransom payment is changed and the US Govt. will not pay the ransom money to redeem the US citizens held us hostages abroad. Suddenly the word “ransom” became the highly used word by media although that word was used in the Bible from the Fifteenth Century BC.

America being wealthier of all nations in the world is afraid of losing all its resources of wealth if it started paying “ransom” for all citizens held as hostages. Again it depends on the “status” of the citizens they decide whether to redeem or not.  Ultimately we honestly confess to the world that we are not rich enough to redeem or are not sacrificially willing for the same.

Apostle Paul  says in the Bible that: “Jesus paid our ransom” (1Tim. 2:5-6) to redeem us from the clutches of sin, and He will not run out of the resources to buy the life of all who are held hostage by Satan. He paid with His Eternal Blood. He is rich enough and willingly died and paid at the proper time for our sins. Just pray to Jesus for your Redemption.

Dr T.S.Abraham


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