Yielding Your Right-of- Way

The Principle of nonviolence

Every One who drives is familiar with the “Right-of-Way “Law. It does not insist on taking the right of way. It says you give your right-of-way and you yield for others to go.

Why Jesus and His followers are persecuted? The answer is because of “the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.” One of Jesus’ unique teaching principles is on non-violence. Jesus not only practiced this in His own personal life and also taught His disciples to practice. Christians ought to follow this principle of non-violence as the emphasis on loving one’s enemies and in its concluding call to the perfection of the Father. The practice of love is the most fundamental element of the Christian ethic (Mathew 22:37–40). Here the call to love is extended even to one’s enemies.

We pray that ‘may the persecutors of the Christians realize that when we are being persecuted, we are yielding the right-of-way.’


Dr T S Abraham

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