Man Made Uncertainties

Man Made Uncertainties A roadside bomb killed Egypt’s top prosecutor on his way to work. The attack broadened the violent insurgency waged by militants. Life is full of uncertainties and we don’t know what tomorrow may break. We just had wiped our tears and our handkerchiefs are fully soaked in the tears of our sorrows. Many lives were […]


Escapee on the run

  Escapee on the run   David Sweat, the remaining prison escapee on the run in northern New York for three weeks, was shot by a state trooper on Sunday (June 28.2015), according to the authorities and press report. There is a beautiful story of a runaway criminal, a slave in the Bible authored by […]


Substituting “The Right” for “a right”

Substituting “The Right” for “a right”  A breaking news of New York Times: “WASHINGTON — In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage.” Thus the marriage which was held in high honor right from the origin of humanity […]



“Ransom” Mr. Obama announced today that the policy on ransom payment is changed and the US Govt. will not pay the ransom money to redeem the US citizens held us hostages abroad. Suddenly the word “ransom” became the highly used word by media although that word was used in the Bible from the Fifteenth Century […]


Killers on the run”

“Killers on the run” As of the 18th day still the headline on the breaking news on the American media is “the killers on the run”. Massive man hunt is ordered for these two men who escaped from the maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, These criminals are smart to keep the high intelligent […]


Guilty of War Crimes

Guilty of War Crimes A United Nations investigation found “serious violations of international humanitarian law” that “may amount to war crimes” by forces of both groups. You are not to kill is the 6th commandment and is welcome in all around the world. But today we seldom hear about natural death but loss of lives […]


Honoring our father on a life-long ventilator

Honoring our father on a life-long ventilator The modern world has invented smart methods to make money. On Mother’s day and father’s day business would sky rocket in the name of the Fifth Commandment. Parents are very happy to see the prosperity and tranquility of their children. Parental sacrifices for their children in all cultures […]


Tears of grief Washing out Hate

Tears of grief Washing out Hate The church massacre at Charleston, SC. united the Christians in US to stand together against the evil of racism. As the tears were washing out the bereavement, one of the victims’ relative spoke out and said to the shooter “I forgive you.” This noble response to a cruel tragedy […]




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